TeraMessage is for Corporations and Institutions
that must protect their sensitive mobile information.



Obtain total custody of Corporate sensitive messages and information. Leave no copies in public servers.



Authorized staff can use any browser to safely communicate
messages and files with other TeraMessage users
in your Organization


Welcome to TeraMessage Private Mobile Security Service

Control of Users

The Corporate Administrator decides who belongs to the TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Service and who can send messages and files to whom. In this way, total privacy of corporate messages and information is maintained knowing that the communication is only between executives of your organization.

Messages and files encrypted

The TeraMessage Mobile Security Encryption Key is safe in your Corporation's possession at all times, compared to the PUBLIC messaging services, which keep your encryption key. To reinforce security, the TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Encryption Key changes randomly to never be the same.

When time and privacy are of essence

The TeraMessage Service delivers messages and files within a few seconds. The sender automatically receives a notification the moment that the recipient reads the message on the mobile device or on the computer. Cellular phone numbers are not necessary for the user to be part of the service.

Message Security accountability

Consider this analogy: A house door lock, equivalent to an encrypted message, can only be opened with a unique key. You must take care of the encrypted message key with the same care and dedication that you apply to keep your house key safe.
The problem is that PUBLIC messaging services, such as WhatsApp, Blackberry, Apple, and many others, keep a copy of each of your sensitive mobile messages in their hosting servers, together with the encryption key.
Would you give your house key to someone who could enter your home and access all your personal and private information without you knowing? This is what you do when using a PUBLIC messaging service where they keep a copy of your sensitive messages and files that they can read at any time because they have the encryption key.
The TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Service eliminates these risks and protects Corporate sensitive mobile messages and files.

Your sensitive mobile information always stays guarded in your Company, under your custody, instead of being stored in external public messaging servers where you lose control of their destiny. With TeraMessage, the encryption key of your sensitive mobile information is automatically changing in a random pattern for each user. As the Administrator of your PRIVATE TeraMessage service, you decide who belongs to the service and who can communicate with whom.
The TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Service eliminates the risk of unknowingly revealing your confidential corporate business activities to others, who could cause irreversible damage to your company's business activities.

Annual Service Fee

The annual TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Service fee is for a virtual or physical Security Controller, and for a number of TeraMessage users. The service includes TeraWeb to send and receive protected messages on computers using a browser, and TeraFile for sending and receiving encrypted files attached to messages.


The Administrator of the TeraMessage Mobile Security Service in your organization will receive assistance at no extra charge regarding programming, such as creating Departments, Groups and adding or removing users.

Training Videos

Your organization will receive access to our training videos related to using the TeraMessage Mobile Security app and TeraWeb to send and receive messages on computers using a browser.


We offer Engineering services for special integration to other applications to work with the TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Service.

Managing Growth

Add more users to your TeraMessage Mobile Security Service whenever you need them. It is simple! Contact us and we will increase the number of users in your TeraMessage Service.

Automatic Service Upgrade

There is no need to make any changes to the way you are using the TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Service. Upon receiving notification of an upgrade, you are ready to add more users.


  • GOVERNMENT ENTITIES Protect sensitive text messages and information

    Government entities and officials use the TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Service to ensure that their messages are not left stored in hosting servers at the disposal of other people. TeraMessages are automatically deleted to avoid the terrible consequences if someone stills the phone. TeraMessage is used by police, security staff, and other government entities that require complete custody of messages and total information protection.

  • PRIVATE BANKING Protect client's information

    Banks use the TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Service to safely communicate sensitive customer information between their executives and customers, that would otherwise be exposed using email, telephone calls, couriers and other public messaging services.
    Top-level Investment Managers at the Central Office use TeraMessage on their smartphones to confidentially communicate sensitive corporate and client information amongst executives in local or international branches around the world.

  • HOSPITALS Protect patient information; comply with HIPAA

    The TeraMessage Mobile Security Service is an essential PRIVATE communication tool to comply with HIPAA regarding protection of patient information. When using TeraMessage, text messages and patient-related documents, travel encrypted to smartphones and tablets. Delivery is in seconds.
    TeraMessage can integrate pager operations into the same service, allowing the Hospital to consolidate message logs and establish mobile intra-communications. Messages can originate from Nurse Call systems, touch-tone phones, computers, medical monitors. etc.

  • NEWS CORRESPONDENTS Protect individuals in dangerous zones

    News agencies use the TeraMessage PRIVATE Mobile Security Service for the safety of their field correspondents to file mobile reports with pictures, voice messages and documents. The correspondents can send reports on-the-go to one or to a group of TeraMessage executives or to other field recipients. The text report and files are protected by encryption. There is no limit to the number of words that can be in the text report. Correspondents can also receive text messages and files from other TeraMessage users. For personal security, sent and received messages are automatically deleted on the phone based on the life-of-message time selected.

  • POLITICAL PARTIES Protect agendas and policies

    Political candidates use the TeraMessage Mobile Security Service to maintain all their text conversations absolutely PRIVATE instead of using unprotected email or telephone calls that can be intercepted. Messages with political issues are protected at all times, having total custody of messages. Candidates and politicians keep hackers at bay by using the TeraMessage Mobile Security Service with PRIVATE protected random encryption key that is never the same.

Use TeraMessage Mobile Security essentials with the service

TeraMessage app

Each Corporate user downloads the Mobile Security TeraMessage app from Apple Store and from Google Play Store. The Security TeraMessage app running on the phone will be automatically updated when there is a new version. The Security TeraMessage app is intuitive and very reliable.


TeraWeb is a secure browser application for authorized users to send and receive encrypted messages and files using a computer. Your TeraMessage Service administrator can program new users, assign users to their departments, create groups and give permissions to specific users.


You authorize TeraMessage users to send photos taken using the TeraMessage Mobile security app, photos in the gallery, PDFs, Word and Excel documents and voice recordings. All files, regardless of their type, travel protected by end-to-end encryption.